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Via S. Maria Molgora, 60/A | 20871 | Vimercate (MI) - Italy | 039.6260869 | 039.6388604

Group Hairdressers

Fascino & Eleganza is a group constituted by stylists of notable International experience and by characters that they operate in the sector professional hairdressers
from over thirty years.
The professionals of the group Charm & Elegance they know well that also hair belongs to the attire, with the difference that a suit can be changed more times in one day, while a haircut, a color, a permanent or some hits of sun result more difficulties to be modified with as many rapidity. It is for this motive that Bandages & Elegance has wanted to select a group of experts on which to be able to count for professionalism, experience and knowledge of the global look, people able to recommend around all of this that pertains to the health of the hair and the beauty of his/her own clients.
The saloons Charm & Elegance they offer the maximum one some professionalism, they are constantly to the search of novelty and formats, supported and adjourned by the firm collaborator through: formative seminars of cut, color and permanent, photographic services, management of the client and the image, raced of marketing with the best experts of every sector of reference, meeting of research and development fashion, where the demands and the applications of today's woman are analyzed. The final result is therefore the to always offer the best to all the clientele.

Street S. Maria Molgora, 60/A Vimercates (MI) Italy
Tel. 039 6260869 - 039 666156
Fax 039 6388604 - 039 6619816
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