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BEHAIR | manufacturer of products for hairdressers - professional hair care products

Via dei fiori, 9 | 35018 | San Martino di Lupari (PD), Italy | + 39 049 9462311 | + 39 049 9462311

manufactures products for hairdressers


Behair high-tech products to color , treat and protect hair from environmental and chemical stress continues to suffer daily caviar , keratin, collagen. Professional treatments for colored and treated hair with furmulazioni SLES / SLES , Parabens free , no fragrance allergens

BE COLOR 12 minute COLOURING CREAM PROFESSIONAL PERMANENT non-progressive , without ammonia , without parafenilendiammina . With Caviar, Collagen and Keratin

BECOLOR ACTIVATOR Activator Specific for BE COLOR MINUTE 12 . ACTIVATOR THE ONLY ABLE TO ENSURE THE EFFECTIVENESS OF COLOR BE 12 MINUTE . Specifies cream formulation for treating action , restructuring and emollient. Enhanced with caviar , Keratin and Collagen . Easy to mix

BE COLOR FINALIZAER SPECIAL SHAMPOO DOPOCOLORE very high power conditioning can gently cleanse the hair thanks to its formulation without Sulfates and strength of Caviar, Keratin and Collagen . Extends the life and beauty of Be Color 12 Minute making the hair soft and shiny


manufactures products for hairdressers

Via dei fiori,10/c
San Martino di Lupari - 35018 - Padova - Italy
tel. 0499988990 - Fax 0499988999

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